Apartment in Paris
Apartment in Paris

The apartment facing the Seine is located in one of the most beautiful places of old Paris. The apartment made in the style of timeless luxury of modern French classics, emphasize the “Parisian way of life”.

The designers’ task was to create a bright interior with a masculine character. The tone of the apartment is set by three primary colors: red, black (sometimes transforming into gray) and white. This contrast combination provides the necessary degree of brightness. At the same time, white color is leading, which gives lightness and increases the space and height of rooms. All furniture is made according to designers’ sketches and combines elegance, male restraint and functionality. Particular attention for creating the ideal atmosphere of the “male Parisian apartment” is paid to the lighting: thus, there is a chandelier Le Deun Luminaries in the living room with bright directional light, and the privacy of the bedroom is emphasized by a special niche light.

Project implementation: from August 2012 to September 2013

Area: 250 м2
Number of floors: 1 floor of a 4-floor building