Apartment in Malaya Polyanka
Apartment in Malaya Polyanka
Two-level apartment is located in a three-floor club residential mansion for six apartments and is designed in the art deco and Parisian aesthetics of the 50-60s style. The antiques of the 50-60s are used in the exquisite interior. A special atmosphere is created by the combination of noble wood and natural stone and carefully selected accessories from France.

On the first level there are a spacious living room with a fireplace area, a dining room, a kitchen and a “master-suite”. On the second level there are two “suite”: bedrooms with dressing rooms and bathrooms. There are subsidiary and utility rooms as well.

In an urban apartment in the very heart of a modern metropolis there was created an image of a country house. The main designers’ intention was to create a warm and noble atmosphere of welfare, comfort and functionality. A special atmosphere is created by a winter garden in the 70s style in the common area of the house.

Project implementation: from May 2013 to December 2014
Area: 283 м2
Number of floors: 2 floors