House in Zhukovka village
Object's square:
Land area: 2436 m2. House area: 1253.3 m2, a separate SPA-complex – 140.3 m2, glazing – 370 m2.
individual house – 4 floors (one of them is underground), SPA complex – 2 floors.

Project features
The house is located in the village of Zhukovka, Moscow Oblast. It is made in Art Nouveau style.
Natural, or close to natural shades and textures are chosen for interior decoration. The space of the house is divided into four levels: there is a common family area on the first level, on the second – private bedrooms. On the top floor there is a gallery for relaxation and yoga. There is a terrace (200 m) with a panoramic view on the roof.

Project implementation: from April 2011 to September 2013