House in Ilinskie Dachi villa community
House in Ilinskie Dachi villa community
The house is located in the village of Ilinskie Dachi. It is made in Art Nouveau style. The general layout is based on the house location on the crevasse of natural slope. Entrance group – front doors is about 4 m high with sculptured bronze handles. Hall with high (3.9 m) ceilings is equipped with designer’s sculptures and custom-made furniture. The space is built on the symmetry axes, in warm and timeless organic modernity style.

Due to sliding panoramic windows with unique mechanisms, the living room forms a single zone with terrace and allows you to “merge with nature”. The small size of the land plot is compensated by the size of terrace (270 m2 without columns). There are a SPA area with a 22.5 m long swimming pool with live light and a garage for five cars in the basement with a single space (220 m) without columns.

Project implementation: from January 2014 to May 2016
Land area: 3500 м2
House area: 1750 м2
Glazing: 450 м2
Number of floors: 4 floors